DJ Asya Černolutskaia

Professional musician, used to be performer and music teacher (button accordion).

Asya was introduced to tango when working in the "Inspiracion" tango-quartet. Not having scores of tango music, they used to note down the music from audio records, adapt it and perform at milongas, various shows, concerts etc. It was then that Asya got acquainted with an impressive volume of tango music, various versions, singers and orchestras. She learned music from the inside, at the same time learning to dance tango. This deep immersion into tango music and tango culture quite naturally evolved into a passion for DJing. Asya has been DJ at several regular milongas in St. Petersburg and various other cities of Russia. She prefers varied music from the Golden Age period. Her favorite orchestras are D'Arienzo, Di Sarli, Troilo, Pugliese, Calo, Fresedo. Asya also pays tribute to some orchestras of the Guardia Vieja - but tries to be moderate in this. Her goal as DJ is to create the holiday atmosphere with a little touch of intimacy and a tender romantic mood.