Bogdan Ududec as DJ in Tango Port Tallinn 2019

DJ Bogdan Ududec

Originally from Romania, Bogdan comes from Bergen, a tiny local community in Norway with an unusually high number of great DJs – some well-known internationally. 
Bogdan DJs regularly at the local milongas and other international events. His heart lies with the beautiful and highly danceable music of the Golden Age. He indulges in the powerful rhythms of D’Arienzo and the playfulness of Biagi but he also knows the value of the dramatic lyricism of Di Sarli and Calo. He nevertheless tries to balance his sets covering a wide variety of orchestras and creating smooth waves with a couple of memorable peaks. Full of energy and charm, his focus is to make the dancers happy:

More than a DJ, I am first and foremost a dancer! And as a DJ I want to make the dancer in me happy. The dancer in me is happy when already the first notes of each tanda make me look desperately around for the partners that I would love to dance that music with. I want to be sure that what comes after those few notes will be part of the same 12-minute story. As a dancer I can appreciate some surprises if they are few and well timed. My goal as a DJ is to give almost everyone in the room the chance and the desire to dance every tanda and to enjoy it.”