Karolina Tkaczuk  as DJ in Tango Port Tallinn 2019

DJ Karolina Tkaczuk

I must confess that I have always been a music and dance addict in various forms and shapes. One day tango found me and I was lost forever. First I fell in love with tango as a dance, shortly after that the curiosity and the passion for the music surfaced.

My initial explorations of tango music led to the fascination with the music from the 30s and 40s, and then I discovered Jorge Valdez! ... I believe that the task of a DJ is to create a unique mood and comfort for the dancers over and over again, with each tanda, throughout the night. Each dance should be a new journey for the dancers, “el viaje que dura sólo tres minutos" (a trip that lasts only three minutes). Before I play a tanda I always asks myself: “Would I really want to dance it now, myself?”

The biggest reward for me as a DJ is to see happy, passionately-immersed-in-music faces of the dancers I put the music for, and their content looks at the end of the tanda and the entire set.

Photo by Ti Tango