DJ Philippe Gonella alias Gitango

As the soul of a milonguero, Philippe first started DJ-ing when he created the first milonga in the French Riviera called the Milonga LindaToday known as Gitango, Philippe travels accross Europe, organising events or DJ-ing at the different encuentros to transmit and share both the culture and the codes of the milongas porteñas. Philippe also teaches this wonderful dance.

Since his first trip to Buenos Aires in 2001, Philippe has had a precise idea of the style of tango he would like to disseminate in the Old World. For over more than 12 years, he has been playing the traditional pattern of tandas
and cortinas. The great "Epoca de Oro" inspires him, the vocals in particular. Alike storytelling, Philippe invites the dancers to evolve on a harmonious onda alternating between dynamic and sentimental moves. His cortinas enhance that rythm.