Quintet Los Diagonales
    • Alvar Llusá Damiani - violin
    • Santiago Quagliariello - bass
    • Pablo Murgier - piano
    • Edgardo Otero Salvador & Simone Tolomeo - bandoneóns
Tango Diagonales
was born in 2015 in the city of La Plata, Argentina. Since its inception, the group has proposed a gaze inclusive of tango: included in its repertoire are sounds that hearken to the more “milongueras” orchestras of the years 40s, passing by the unavoidable concerning gender, and seasoning it with a modern and personal touch. In this way, the group tries to weave together varied expressions and draw diagonals inspiring the listener: embracing the stylistics of Carlos Di Sarli and Juan D'Arienzo, passing through the emblematic figure of Astor Piazzolla and reaching original arrangements of the group itself. This quality makes it possible for the group to adapt their presentations to both situations of a milonga or a concert hall. The violin of 
Alvar Llusá Damiani  reinforces this concept and adapts to the most current expressions of the genre. Santiago Quagliariello, bassist of the group, also contributes with his voice in part of the repertoire. Pablo Murgier explores the versatility of the piano to pivot between the different styles, while Edgardo Otero Salvador and Simone Tolomeo make up the pair of bandoneóns, chimes of excellence of Argentine tango.

After making its first international tour in Europe in November 2015, by the invitation of the Argentine Embassy in Poland and in collaboration with the singer Carlos Roulet, the group launched the realization of their first album, recorded in the city of Buenos Aires in February 2016.

In 2016, the group is again touring in Europe whereby, in addition to giving concerts, Los Diagonales will offer music courses, coordinated with various educational institutions of art.