Maria Filali and Giovanni Eredia tango argentino dancers

Maria Filali & Giovanni Eredia

Maria and Giovanni met in the social tango sphere more than 10 years ago. Spontaneously they shared a strong and immediate connexion, based on their common values: their love of life, of people, of tango! Respectively, both of them have a long path as dancer and teacher, but it is only now that they have the opportunity to meet and share their knowledge on a professional level.

They started their common professional path in 2018, animated by the same spirit of sharing sensitivity and pleasure at dancing with audience and students.

Maria Filali

Openness and connection. If you had to pick two words to summarise Maria’s personal and professional career, these would fit.

A connection between dance and other body-centered disciplines.
A connection between Argentine tango and other arts, including theater, opera, film, video, and contemporary dance. 
And a connection with exceptional, internationally renowned partners.

Maria is a classically trained dancer who chose to make tango the focus of her career twenty years ago. During this time, she regularly performed at international tango events and festivals where she proved herself to be a skilled artist and teacher. On stage, she took part in productions that blended tango and other forms of performing art alongside a wide variety of partners, including Jorge Rodriguez who collaborated with her for fifteen years. From 2014 to 2018, she toured the world with another tango partner, Gianpiero Galdi.

In the fall of 2018 Maria started several new and exciting tango projects. In Paris, as part of the Elles du Tango (Ladies of Tango) initiative, she is inviting several carefully selected colleagues to her classes as a way to showcase and compare different approaches and viewpoints. As a solo artist, Maria continues to offer workshops on tango technique in France and abroad. She is also completing a training course in Gyrotonic, a body-centered discipline that serves to further enrich her tango teaching. Last, with respect to her creative productions, Maria is currently working on a new dance video entitled “Sweet – Pain Murmuration” and on the choreography for a new theater piece for Compagnie de la Porte au Trèfle.

Through her personal life and professional career, Maria continues to pursue her priorities, namely being open-minded, striving to be an excellent artist and teacher, and cultivating meaningful relationships with others.

For further information: Maria's website

Giovanni Eredia

Giovanni is the choreographer and artistic Director of “Pablo”, the biggest permanent tango school in Florence (which has been given recognition as a model in Argentinian Culture Popularisation in Italy by Mercosur Argentina).

Giovanni belongs to the new European talented generation of Tango dancers. Since 2004 he has been developing daily new forms of expression and musicality, new combinations of dynamic elements, and increasing his awareness of improvisation approaches. His reference teacher is Javier Rodriguez whom he has been following during his European tours for several years.

In 2007 and 2009, Giovanni lived in Buenos Aires where he developed his tango didactic and the study of dynamic patterns of tango dance. Since then, he has been passionate about teaching the same way he felt about dancing.

Giovanni is continuing his research on body and movement through contemporary dance, yoga and gyrotonic. His versatile and eclectic talent has led him to several international recognitions in Stockholm, London, Rome, Milan, Istanbul, Catania, and Paris.