Pamela Roldán

Pamela Roldán was born in Los Polvorines, a small townlocated thirty kilometers away from Buenos Aires city in Argentina. Pamela started her dance career as a child, performing with the Ballet del Sur folk group at events around the Buenos Aires province. She pursued her career as a teacher of Argentine Folklore and Tango at Instituto Folklórico Argentino and later at Universidad Nacional de las Artes (formerly IUNA) in Buenos Aires. In addition to mastering several dancing styles, she has also studied health therapies, such as Yoga, Ayurveda and Pilates, which have provided her with a deeper understanding of the physical and emotional side of movement, allowing her to work in deep connection with each student's needs.

Currently Pamela lives in Tampere, Finland, working in the fields of arts, fitness and health development. She has been teaching and performing Argentine Folkloric Dances in Buenos Aires and Europe for almost a decade now. Her workshops are dynamic and entertaining, balancing theory with expressive content. Pamela's passion and energy are contagious, leaving students inspired after every lesson and performance. Her dance symbolises an authentic search for freedom, a deeply moving expression of her soul.

Pamela Roldán - Argentine Native Dances