String Quintet + Nele Suisalu

                Juan Jose Restrepo  1st violin
                Liis Lutsoja  2nd violin
                Mann Helstein  viola
                Kristian Plink  cello
                Mingo Rajandi  double bass
                Nele Suisalu  vocals

The programme of the concert will include arrangements of well known Argentine tango pieces for the duo of bandoneón and guitar, played by Duo Kaspar Uljas & Martín López MuroIn the second half, the duo will be joined by the String Quintet, and they will play Astor Piazzolla’s bandoneón and guitar concert "Hommage a Liege" (Hommage a Liege: Concierto para Bandoneon y Guitarra) as well as some other famous pieces of tango classics. The instrumentalists will furhter be joined by tango dancer and singer Nele Suisalu.