Workshops for all levels
(Venue: Casa de Baile Dance Center, Pärnu Road 19)

NB! As of 26 June 2017, some of the classes are completely full for registering or are only open for registration for Leaders! Check the below Workshop programme for more details.

About The Classes: Vision - Classes - Goal

VISION "In improvisation we trust"
About tango, we love the possibility to build the dance through small moments. Even if we use patterns while dancing, we challenge the couples to decide step-by-step what will come next. We believe in the real improvisation.

CLASSES In our classes, the dancers will work on awakening their body awareness and connection in order to develop the physical dialogue within the couple. Our technique work does not only have an aesthetic purpose, it rather helps to find the comfort of the dancers in a relaxed and sensitive embrace. To stimulate the improvisation in your dance, we focus on short and useful situations rather than on long sequences.

GOAL We provide students with useful information to help them develop a personal and creative dance, encouraging the diversity that we so much love about and in tango.

 Sofia Saborido & Pablo Inza
 Friday, 21st July 2017
 13:00-14:30The Technique Seminar (part 1)
 15:00-16:30Cool turns
FULL for Followers!
Only 2 Leaders without a partner can still sign up.

 Saturday, 22nd July 2017
 13:00-14:30The Technique Seminar (part 2)
 15:00-16:30The art of pausing & adornments
FULL for Followers!
Only 2 Leaders without a partner can still sign up.
 17:00-18:30Mixing changes of directions
 Sunday, 23rd July 2017
 13:00-14:30Mixing elements
Last places for Followers! Some more for Leaders.
 15:00-16:30Breaking habits. Stop doing “Copy-Paste”

Description of classes
The Technique Seminar (2x1,5h = part 1-2, ALL) - Deep work on fundamentals that a tango dancer always needs, in a “take-it-easy” way. Understanding the dancing body (balance and axis in motion), the connection (to make the couple move together). Engines of movement and dissociation. The linear and the circular movement. NB! This seminar takes 2 x 1,5h and students need to sign up for both classes - Friday and Saturday at 13:00.
Cool turns (1x1,5h, INT) - Basic and effective rebounds and giros (turns). Playing with the rhythm.

Milonga! (1x1,5h, INT/ADV) - Add some groove to the move. Get some rhythmical practice and give flavour to your milonga.                                     

The art of pausing & adornments (1x1,5h, INT/ADV) - Upgrade your dance by refining the dialogue within the couple using pauses and adornments.                                     

Mixing changes of directions (1x1,5h, ADV) - A bit more challenging than the typical ones, but still suitable for the dance floor.                  
Mixing elements (1x1,5, INT/ADV)  - Short and stylish combinations to enrich your tango vocabulary.

Breaking habits. Stop doing “Copy-Paste” (1x1,5h, ADV) - Go out from your comfort zone to make your dance be in tune with the music.