Workshops for all levels
(Venue: TBC)

 Maria Filali & Gianpiero Galdi
 Friday, 20th July 2018
 12:30-14:00Followers' and leaders' technique

Followers: Grow and develop through the understanding and study of movement. How to organize in order to have a more efficient following. "What does HE need from us?"

Leaders: Feel and adapt to the reaction. Transmit security and "read" her movement to develop sensitivity. "What does SHE need from us?"

 14:30-16:00Valse: Elements and tools to keep the flow and variety in giros.

 16:30-18:00Musicality: "Order your listening": recognise the Beat, Off-Beat, Syncopes. The phrase, periods, parts of the song.

 Saturday, 21st July 2018
 12:30-14:00Changing the axis of the "giro" for leader/follower; planeos, lapices, enrosques.

 14:30-16:00Special seminar (part 1): continuity in connection. Follower's back leading, dynamic constructions, leading the "future".

 16:30-18:00Milonga: Easy patterns for keeping the speed and interpreting the music.
 Sunday, 22nd July 2018
 12:30-14:00Sacada chains: using and controlling the energy of the sacada to build the flow.

 14:30-16:00Special seminar (part 2) "The other side of the Mood": What's behind the leading? How the Woman can contribute? What's the Feedback and how to "feel" more? Leading like following, following like leading. How the embrace "transcends". Hidden tips in tango connection.