DJ Alla Drugova


Alla Drugova is a co-founder and teacher of Argentine tango and folklore at Taras & Alla's Tango School in Kyiv. Passionate fan of Osvaldo Pugliese and tireless researcher of various styles of tango dancing. «I dived deep into tango over twelve years ago, and this music continues to fascinate me during lessons, milongas or in the process of creating the next tanda. I prefer to play exactly what catches and touches me as a social dancer because at the milonga we just want to dance. When choosing a tanda, I usually think which orchestra has that magic that lifts even very tired milongueros from comfy chairs now and makes them run to the dance floor. Often I find these features in Golden Age orchestras and in some later compositions. I believe that the musical mood should change throughout the milonga and I strive to ensure that tandas are never boring or too similar. My ideal milonga is the one after which you may not remember exactly what kind of music was played, but you feel that you had a great time and maybe fell in love a little.»



Dag Stenvoll lives in Bergen, and frequently travels to dance and DJ in Europe. In 2020/21 Dag did Tango By Year, a series of online programmes about tango music, together with Michael Lavocah. You can listen to them for free at Soundcloud, here:

DJ Somer Sürgit


Somer started DJ ing 2003 in Chicago in his milongas. He has a sense of reading his crowd. He keeps the energy high. He keeps everyone on the dance floor. His music is strong traditional based with a touch of alternative flavor. As much as he focuses on putting good music for dancing he pays close attention to his cortinas.

DJ Marina Rusakova


Originally from Estonia, Marina has been regularly DJ-ing in Tallinn since 2016 and has played at various milongas and events around Europe: in Estonia, Latvia, Finland, Russia, Switzerland, Italy, Portugal. Being in love with traditional tango music she creates the atmosphere of trust and inspiration for dancers, giving to them diversity and energy.

DJ Alisa Zurmutai

DJ Alisa Zurmutai


Alisa is always doing the best to bring to the dancers the most positive Golden Age music and perhaps some extra non-GA sparks to make everyones Sunday night filled with heartwarming memories which makes you to wish to come back again.

DJ Olesya Nesteruk


She started her tango journey in Kyiv and played her first DJ set there. She has been living in Tallinn since 2010 where she taught regular classes and played at local milongas. She is the organizer of Viejo Tallinn Tango Marathon where she also participated as a DJ. Her DJ-ing experience includes Riga, Vilnius, Bergen, Oslo, Kyiv. As a DJ she is fond of Calo, Troilo, Di Sarli and is able to create a very romantic atmosphere.