DJ team of Tallinn Tango Weekend 2023 (will be updated the latest in April 25!)

DJ Gianpio Cappucci


10 years ago in Buenos Aires Gianpio Cappucci starts his experience as a Tdj playing in several “milongas Porteñas”. Since 2016 he lives in Krakow, Poland, playing constantly all over the country and rest of Europe. His favorite orchestra ever??.. Anibal Troilo!! “I feel responsible to build a bridge between me and the crowd on the dance floor and establishing a communication which is extremely important in order to feel all kind of vibes we all are able to create”. Categorically traditional, he loves tandas from the Gonden Age of Tango (1939-1946) In fact, the 80% of his selection is composed by tandas belonging to that period. Tandas from ‘30 and ‘50 complete the selection.

DJ Emma Murros


Emma Murros has been DJing for years in her native Finland and mostly at the milongas, marathons and festivals in the Nordic countries, the Baltic region, Germany and the Netherlands. A life-long music nerd, she became seriously addicted to tango the minute she was exposed to it and started DJing while still a clumsy tango baby (she has improved a little bit since then). She enjoys variety, contrast and changes of dynamic, and prefers traditional music mostly – but not exclusively – from the Golden Age of tango because it was the Golden Age of tango.

DJ Alisa Zurmutai

DJ Alisa Zurmutai


Alisa is always doing the best to bring to the dancers the most positive Golden Age music and perhaps some extra non-GA sparks to make everyones Sunday night filled with heartwarming memories which makes you to wish to come back again.



She started her tango journey in Kyiv and played her first DJ set there. She has been living in Tallinn since 2010 where she taught regular classes and played at the local milongas. She is the organizer of Viejo Tallinn Tango Marathon where she also participated as a DJ. Her DJ-ing experience includes Riga, Vilnius, Bergen, Oslo, Kyiv. As a DJ she is fond of Calo, Troilo, Di Sarli and is able to create a very romantic atmosphere.

Marina Rusakova lõigatud

DJ Marina Rusakova


Originally from Estonia, Marina has been regularly DJ-ing in Tallinn since 2016 and has played at various milongas and events around Europe: in Estonia, Latvia, Finland, Russia, Switzerland, Italy, Portugal. Being in love with traditional tango music she creates the atmosphere of trust and inspiration for dancers, giving to them diversity and energy.



Anthony has been a tango DJ since 2007. He was a DJ long before he discovered tango, DJ-ing in nightclubs and radio in his student days in his native city of Cork. Now he DJs milongas, marathons, encuentros and tango festivals at home and abroad, with a long list of countries already under his belt. Anthony is well known on the Marathon/Encuentro circuit as a dancer and DJ. Anthony says: “It is all about the dancers and keeping them dancing and smiling. I play primarily from the 1930s & 40s with gentle dives into the wonderful Guarda Vieja of the late 20s and odd trips into the 50s. “As a dancer first, I know that once I trust the DJ to be consistent, my night is better, and this is what I seek to give all dancers, comfort that the music will be danceable and flow tanda to tanda.”. I don’t work with playlists but let the night be guided by my connection with the dancers and what I feel they need at a particular moment. My love goes beyond playing music. I spend many hours researching tango history and hunting sources of the best quality transfers possible for my collection to fill the room with beautiful music. Each time I try to gently tell a story and keep the dynamics changing across the set so everyone gets carried along. I want to live life to the full and laugh, and that is what I try to give the dancers; their smiles make it all a pleasure. Read Anthony’s DJ page where he discusses the stories behind many well know tangos.