The Program of Tallinn Tango Weekend 2023

Thursday, July 13

20:00-23:45 Salme Milonga – TTW pre-party in Cafe Leelo (Salme 12) DJ Margus Kivi (EST)

(not included in the main package, etrance free, but donations for the organizers is appropriate)

Friday, July 14

20:00-01:00 Welcome milonga DJ Marina Rusakova (EST)

Saturday, July 15

11:30-13:00 Milonga lesson*¹ with Carlos and Brigita Rodriguez (ARG/LTU)

13:30-18:00 Daytime milonga DJ Emma Murros (FIN)

20:00-02:00 Saturday milonga DJ Gianpio Cappucci (ITA) 

with the performance of Carlos and Brigita Rodriguez (ARG/LTU)

Sunday, July 16

11:30-13:00 Tango lesson*² with Carlos and Brigita Rodriguez (ARG/LTU)

13:30-18:00 Daytime milonga DJ Anthony Cronin (IRL)

20:00-01:00 Farewell milonga DJ Alisa Zurmutai (LVA)

Monday, July 17 (outside from Tallinn)

11:30-17:30  Blissful day in Estonian nature*³ 

19:00-23:00 After-milonga in Taju DJ Olesya Nesteruk (UKR/EST)


*¹ Milonga lesson theme: Dynamics and speed for rhythmic tangos or milongas. Control of axis and grounding in the couple. Secrets from old milongueros of Buenos Aires.

*² Tango lesson theme: Structures and dynamics of internal sacadas of follower and leader. Elasticity of embrace and technique.

*³ At the blissful day in Estonian nature: we will travel with the organized bus to 4-5 special magical places in North Estonian nature, have a lunch picnic with Estonian specialities and arrive to the after-milonga location to have dinner (not included in the price, will be possible to pre-book) and dress up for the milonga. For a rainy weather we have a plan B with the inner locations (manors etc) in North Estonia to explore and spend the cosy day together. Ideally we all finish the day at the milonga in Taju (which you need to register to separately) and the organized bus which is with us the whole day will take us all back to Tallinn city centre after the milong